1st January

My, my, my, I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band,
We’re gonna dance and sing in celebration, We’re in the promised land.

So it’s 2012! The year didn’t get off to a good start as I was feeling quite down as midnight approached. It was almost as if I didn’t want 2011 to end. After all my Dad and Gran had been alive in 2011 but they wouldn’t be in 2012…..Luckily my wife picked me up and got me to break open a bottle of champagne (left over from Gran’s 100th) and a fruit cake and we saw in the new year:

So 2012, what’s it got in store for us? Well there’s the Olympics of course (woo!) and the Queen’s Jubilee (woo!) but they will all look like a turd rolled in glitter if the country slips back into recession or the eurozone falls to pieces and drags the UK down with it. It’s not going to look great is it, all that glitz and pomp if there are millions of people losing their jobs, homes and livelihoods. Oh and the world is supposed to end on December 21st. God no wonder I felt depressed!

“I treat every minute like an hour and then it seems like a year has just flashed by again.  Twenty years later, I’m still upside down.”

Here’s an odd thing – I was using my mobile phone earlier (HTC Desire HD) and I put it down on the arm of the sofa. As I did it clicked and I picked it up in time to see a message saying it was stroing my screengrab in the camera folder.

Screen grab

I didn’t know the phone could do this so I tried to find out how – you never know when it’ll come in handy after all – but after searching on Google the general consensus of opinion is that it isn’t possible!

There’s a mystery to start the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!


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