4th January

You’d think that employing a new headteacher would be a simple and straight forward process wouldn’t you? The more I look into it as Chair of Governors the more complicated it looks. Firstly you’d think that every teacher would like to end up as a head but that’s not the case and in fact there seems to be a shortage of people who are willing to do it. The LEA have even suggested that we might not even get any applications at all (although they also suggested that we allow 2 days for interviews in case we get loads! Hedging their bets obviously).

Then there’s all the work in putting together the advert, the supporting documentation – the job description, person specification (whatever that is), wording for advert, etc. Looking at other job applications some schools also produce glossy brochures and include a letter from the Chair of Governors as well. And of course all of this has to be driven by the Governing Body who on the whole as doing it in their spare time, free of charge!

Found this CD by Robert Earl Keen the other day – no idea where it came from I certainly didn’t buy it – the only thing I can think of is that I picked it up off the swaps table at the Summer of Love party in 2010. Anyway I thought I’d give it a spin and quite enjoyed it – Americana/Country if you like that sort of thing!


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