5th January

I’ve spent the last few days archiving stuff from the Hard drives on my Apple at work – it’s used as an edit suite so the drives fill up quite quickly despite there being 8Tb of stage in and attached to the machine. Having said that 1Tb is the main system drive and I don’t use that for storage much and one of the drives has only just been installed and is 2Tb of lovely emptiness!

So that left me with 5TBs of drive to sort out – in total between the 3 drives there was 108Gb left free so it desperately needed doing. It’s a slow process as it requires me to make decisions about if a project is finished or not. If it is I delete all of the source video files (which take up the most space) and the files that form the output files and then archive the remainder to our server – with the Final Cut files and the original tapes projects can be revived at a later stage if required.

And that’s the problem some times – you never know when the job is truly finished. IT has happened before where clients have rang up months (or even years later) and suddenly asked for a change to be made to the original edit. The other problem is that the server only had 240Gb free to archive nearly 5Tb of files! At present (and it’s still going on) I have managed to free up 2.25Tb of space and only used around 70Gb of server space.

I downloaded the Furthur show from New Year’s Eve in San Francisco’s bill Graham Auditorium. Furthur are the latest post Grateful Dead band formed by some of the surviving members – namely Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. the band also features former members of Bob’s band Ratdog who I was lucky enough to see in 2002 & 2003 when they came over to the UK. I’m currently listening to their show at Canterbury Fayre which was one of my favourites – A beautiful day with wonderful music in a fantastic setting.

I also spent some of the day reading a book called the Etymologicon which I heard serialised on Radio 4’s Book of the Week. It’s a wonderful witty look at the roots of words in the English Language which I would heartily recommend. The author, Mark Forsyth also writes a blog along the same lines called The Inky Fool. The book also marks a new chapter in my life being the first book I have bought as a Kindle edition. I don’t actually own a Kindle but have the App for my Android phone and have today downloaded the PC version which allows you to read the same books on your PC as you have on your phone. The jury is still out on Kindle versions – it was price that made me cautious originally as they seemed to cost as much as the old fashioned paper version. However I have noticed that this is changing and as the kindle version of the Etymologicon was only 99p I thought I’d give it a go. I still can’t see me curling up with a good Kindle and a Second Hand kindle shop just wouldn’t be the same!

Word of the day: From the above book – wamblecropt which means afflicted with queasiness. It’s a word that has sadly fallen out of use in the English language but I think it should come back. Imagine ringing up your boss and saying “I won’t be coming in today I’m wamblecropt!”


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