6th January

Great start to the morning! I got up to make the packed lunches and discovered that we had no bread. So I had to nip down to the shops and get some. This is no great disaster as we have a shop at both ends of the street and on a nice clear morning like today it’s always a pleasant experience. Our street runs exactly East-West so in the morning we have a sunrise at one end of the street and a sunset in the evening at the other. A nice sunrise, like the one this morning, always looks good as the perspective of the street always leads your eye to it and the floodlights of the football ground always look impressive silhouetted against the blue, yellow, orange, and red sky.


This wasn’t this morning but it gives you the general idea of the effect! I did try and take a picture this morning but I didn’t think it looked as good on the screen as the reality so I gave up! Maybe if I’d had more time to try a different app then I might have been able to capture the essence of the sunrise .

In this situation I always seem to head down to the Co-op for some reason and every time I do I end up walking out in disgust and going to the shop at the other end of the street instead. The cheapest loaf of bread in the Co-op was £1,45 as opposed to 95p for a similar loaf in the independent shop at the other end of the street. Similarly the milk in the Co-op is around £1.65 for a 4 pint bottle compared with 95p at the other end of the street for a 2 litre bottle (OK I know it’s a little bit smaller but it’s still significantly cheaper).

The thing that makes me wonder though is why the Co-op which is a nationwide chain can’t sell stuff as cheaply as the small independent shop at the other end of the street. You would think that their buying power would allow them to undercut the small shop keeper. It’s quite sad that given the Co-operative movement was set up to be for the mutual benefit of the people who used it that the modern day chain doesn’t seem to live up to this ideal. In fact I find quite the opposite in that it seems to make profits from selling to people in quite depressed areas who have little choice but to shop there at hugely inflated prices.

Now I have several blogs (six to be exact – although not all are used in equal measure!)  – three are hosted on my webserver and 3 with wordpress.com. The three that are self hosted have been giving me a few issues in that I haven’t been able to get them to upgrade automatically or to allow an upgrade of the various plugins that I use. The issue seems to have been with the connection to the ftp server and the permissions needed to upgrade. I’ve been struggling with this for a while and the only way to upgrade has been to download the zip file, un-zip it and then upload all the individual files 3 times to each webserver again – very time consuming!

So today I gave it another go and finally managed to work out what the issue was. It wasn’t permissions but the route to the directory on the webserver. The main ftp login takes you to the root directory and I set up my ftp server to either take me to the webserver /var/www or to the storage drive /media/D so the address for the webserver would be


but entering that into the ftp address in the wordpress upgrade system did nothing. I tried the alternative version hostname.co.uk:21/var/www but to no avail – even adding the directory for that domain www1 or www2 or www3 at the end had no effect. It was driving me crazy! Then finally I found a solution and it was annoyingly simple. I just needed to edit the wp-config.php file with the following lines

define('FTP_BASE', '/path/to/my_web_root/'); 
define('FTP_CONTENT_DIR', '/path/to/my_web_root/wordpress/wp-content/'); 
define('FTP_PLUGIN_DIR', '/path/to/my_web_root/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/');

Where obviously the path/to/my_web_root was replace by var/www/www1 etc. Once I had saved the files the upgrades worked first time – shame I didn’t find this out until after I had upgraded the main program 3 times but hopefully next time it;ll be easier.

I remarked to Sarah that it would have been my Grandad’s birthday today and she asked how old he would have been. I confessed that I didn’t know so I went and found the army discharge papers we’d found when we’d cleared out Gran’s house after she died. I knew he was older than her and that she’d been 100 when he passed away. Anyway he was born on the 6th January 1907 so he would have been 105!

Apparently we have a new lodger – a student from Vietnam. I say apparently because she’s been here for 4 days and I haven’t seen her yet!

And finally why is it that when I was an hour late for work yesterday the boss was standing by the door when I walked in but today when I’m spot on time he’s not even in the office!


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