7th January

I forgot to mention that I did find out how to do the screen grab on my phone – I found that by searching under Android screen grab rather that HTC Desire HD screen grab I got the answer! So just to prove it here’s a grab of the favourite app at the moment – the Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver app.

We went to the shops to day and while we were out I started to get pains in my stomach! I’ve got an umbilical hernia and sometimes it just suddenly starts to hurt really bad. This is usually after I’ve done something like lifting but today it just came on while I was standing in a queue. We went to another shop and while we were in there the pain just kept getting worse until I could barely walk. I wanted to sit down but it makes it really difficult to bend so I just stayed standing.

We decided to go home so we headed back to the car but after I got in I was in so much pain that I couldn’t drive. It was a good 10 minutes before I felt up to driving and even then the journey home was very uncomfortable. Once I was home and able to lie down I felt much better and within about 10 minutes the pressure (and lump) in my abdomen had gone down – although it was most unpleasant as I felt my bowel moving back into position!

I opened one of my Christmas presents today – my son bought me a stylophone but I hadn’t got round to getting it out of the box. When I did it was worth the wait and every bit as good as I remember it being the first time round – not that I had one but my somewhat better off friend did! Although I suspect that Ben will get to play with it more than me. I want to learn some songs on it – I did think Dark Star by the Grateful Dead would be good as you could do some great electronic improv with it! Or maybe I could use it to create some great “Radiophonic Workshop” type effects!

Ben and I went for haircuts today and after he’d had his done he wanted to play with my phone while I had mine cut. He does take some interesting pictures using the effects in the camera app. Here’s one he took in the car.

Funniest thing I saw today was while driving through Gillingham – the football team had a home game against Stoke and there had been a hoo hah during the week about Policing it and it was nearly called off. So there was a high Police presence in the town. There were loads of Police cars and vans around and Policemen on every corner. They were outside the station, opposite it, down the road, round the corner – everywhere. And walking right through the middle of them, completely unchallenged I saw a man carrying a dirty great big hammer!


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