10th January

Last night while I was fiddling with the computer I decided to grab a handful of CD’s. I put a load in a box a while ago, mostly stuff I had traded or downloaded over the years, to listen to and to decide if I should keep or throw! I cleared some out a couple of years back and while I was grabbing them I discovered that there was a throw back already in there so those will go off to the Swaps table at SoL later in the year along with any other I decide not to keep.

The first one I listened to was a Roger Waters show from 2002 – I saw him at Glastonbury on that tour and he had put up surround sound speakers around the arena which scared the living daylights out of the kids when the effects started. It was a good show with lots of Floyd numbers and thankfully he’d dropped most of his post Floyd stuff. Never really liked any of his solo stuff but then I didn’t really like any of the post split Floyd stuff that much either. Both acts were better doing their back catalogue rather than new stuff when I saw them.

On the other hand though I never really worked out which Pink Floyd I liked best either. In my opinion there was more than one Pink Floyd, the Syd era, the Intermediate years, DSotM to the Wall and the post Waters split.  It would have to be a toss up between the early years and the post DSotM/Pre split era.  I think. Anyway the Roger Waters CD is destined for the Swaps table as the quality wasn’t great but I’m going to keep the early Floyd session CD I found in the pile.

I did listen to Radio 4 on the way to work this morning – The Long View, which was about comparisons between the upcoming Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and the only other Monarch to have reached this milestone Queen Victoria. It struck me that the system often sees the succession of a Queen to be of lesser importance that that of a King and yet it has been women who seem to have made the better job of it in recent times. The men have  been, by comparison, a bit crap. However the description of the flotilla in the Thames was enough to bring out the Republican in me and I think I shall be somewhere else that weekend!

I went to give blood last night but was told that I couldn’t give. I wasn’t very happy with the reasoning behind this as to me it seemed completely stupid. The reason I was given was that because I had had an MRI scan recently and hadn’t been to see the consultant since they wouldn’t accept my donation “just in case”. I pointed out that the reason I had the MRI scan was because of my cluster headaches that I had had for over 15 years and that I had been giving blood during that time. The nurse however pointed out that, without wishing to alarm me, there was always the possibility that the problem could be malignant. (Like a malignant tumour wouldn’t have been spotted in 15 years!)

It just seems totally stupid that a blood service that is always crying out for donors should refuse donations for really weak reasons. I noticed that the donor session, that a couple of years ago would have been rammed, was almost deserted – is this a sign of an impending crisis? I know that given tonight’s experience I have no inclination to ever go back – and that from someone who is a couple of donations away from his 50th. I note that there used to be Doctors at the sessions but now that role is filled by a nurse and wonder if that is due to cost cutting – certainly there are far fewer nurses than there used to be. I just hope that some poor sod doesn’t die for the want of a pint of A neg!

So I returned home in a not too good mood but decided that I should finish repairing the computer I mentioned the other day. So I went out and removed the power supply I got from Freecycyle and installed the new one out of the box. I then plugged all of the cables in and powered it up. The lights and fan all started so I switched it off again. I connected a monitor to the VGA output and restarted it…………and nothing! Nothing on the screen not even bios – oh dear! I checked and rechecked all of the connections and tried again, and again. I noticed there was no activity from the hard drive and not even that little beep as the bios starts – bugger!

So I started to think about what could be the problem. Could the power supply failure have been caused by something else – could the mother board have failed? I decided to make sure the plugs were seated properly and as I went to take out the 20 pin cable I dislodged the cooling fan for the main cpu. As I put it back on again I managed to catch my hand on something and it started to bleed (ironic really) so in between sucking the back of my hand I managed to get the fan back into place. I then went to replug the 20 pin cable and after that I went on to reseat the 4 pin P4 connector and that was when I discovered it had never been plugged in! I then restarted the machine and off it went!


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