12th January

Further to the comment I made a few days ago here is another shot of our street taken this morning as I left to go to work early because I had a meeting at 9am – half an hour before my official start time grrr!

It was meetings bloody meetings today – the one this morning was to discuss the development of the companies website and then in the afternoon I had two meetings at the school where I’m Chair of Governors. The first was with the LEA to discuss the possible (temporary) expansion of the school to accommodate what has become a bit of a local baby boom with an increased birth rate and a high rate of incomers with young children.

The second meeting was a Governing Body meeting to move the appointment of a new head forward. This process was hindered by the presence of “someone from HR” who seemed to be determined to stop us using an employment agency at all costs (despite another section of the councils website which urged Governors to consider doing just that. The result – delay – don’t you just love local Government?

Another view of the street with a beautiful moon – taken as I popped down to the shop for some milk – maybe I should stop with the street pictures now!


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