19th January

High Fidelity

All that talk of ambient sound yesterday made me think about the microphone above. I was given it a couple of years ago along with an old reel to reel tape recorder, a cine projector and a box of 8mm films and audio tapes by a Freecycler. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a microphone or an extension speaker but having been searching on Ebay for Vintage microphones I decided that it was indeed a microphone. Similar microphones were on there for around £20 each!

So I decided to dig it out, not because I planned to sell it, but because i wanted to see if it worked. The cable has what looked like a very early version of a phono plug on the end of it so I looked for an adaptor and found it fitted into the end of a phono socket. I plugged it into my mixer at work and sure enough it worked. It took a rather Heath Robinson collection of cable adaptors to get it plugged into my minidisc recorder though – might have to look for an adaptor on ebay or in Maplin.

The lady who gave me all of the cine stuff made me promise to look after it as it had belonged to her father. There were several reels of Super 8 film that were taken sometime in the 1960’s in Europe and in the UK. In addition there were a number of corresponding audio reels that accompanied the films with music and (I assume as I haven’t got that far yet) narration. I guess that was why he had the microphone. It reminds me of my Uncle George who had a cine camera or 2. The first one he owned was a wind up standard 8 which I was given by my father a few years ago. The other was battery operated, again Standard 8, and I think his daughter had that at one point (She’s probably sold it – ooh bitchy!) – We took them on holiday once to Venice and Northern Italy but sadly I have no idea where the films have gone. There was some of Lindisfarne at the City Hall Newcastle in the late 70’s – silent sadly.


Look! It was still light when I left work tonight!

Great news – the leap second is safe for now!

Apparently Postkat has reached Prague with my meerkat but becuase of all the cobbles has had to stop for a foot massage!


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