24th January

It’s Tuesday and I’m wearing my Wednesday socks!

I spent part of this morning looking at images on Flickr. I clicked on the photostream of someone who had liked one of my pictures and looked at their images. When I got bored I looked at his favourites and found a picture I liked and then went to look at the photostream of that photographer. Once again when I’d seen enough I’d look at their favourites, pick one, and so on…..

I was struck by some of the locations that pictures were taken in, beautiful sunny places far, far away. Sitting in my windowless edit suite I felt that places like that were so far from reach, why couldn’t I find beauty like that to photograph? It just wasn’t fair. I gave up and decided to have a look at a batch of photographs I’d taken on holiday last April and never got round to doing much with. In among them I found this one…..

It’s my son on a beach early in the morning. It was also one of the happiest moments of 2011, a year which was full of bad times. We’d gone on holiday just over a month after my father died (it had been planned as probably the last trip to see him but it wasn’t to be) and arrived the night before. The next morning he woke up early and so that everyone else could get a lie in I took him down to the beach to play on the sand. I took my camera and photographed him chasing the ebbing tide as the sun climbed slowly in the sky.  We were the only people on the beach and the only sounds were his laughter and the crashing waves.

I think it’s a beautiful image but the reason I mention it was that the location was actually the North East of England, just north of Blyth and south of Newbiggin. Just on the horizon and out of shot to the right was an industrial landscape with wind turbines, cranes and a power station. It just goes to show that beauty is everywhere – if you look for it.

Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right

We had to go to Tesco tonight – first time in ages as we have been doing our shopping on line recently. Sarah had to buy cakes as it’s her birthday tomorrow and she needed some to take into work. I suggested that she might like to keep a piece to one side for the Chair of Governors (me) but she said I’d be lucky! When we got to the checkout we discovered we’d spent £25 (not just on cakes) and we both looked at each other and said “That’s why we do our shopping online”.

We did buy a huge washing basket thing for Becky to use at uni. Sarah told her it was a giant sick bucket. She decided it was best to wear it on her head and that’s what she was doing when our lodger suddenly returned home! Her face was a picture!


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