27th January

Pay Day!!!!! Actually given the length of time since the last one I’ve actually done quite well this year. I survived all the way to payday despite having to pull out an additional £90 to change my car insurance over earlier in the month. And! I didn’t have to borrow money from Sarah (or spend my brithday/Christmas money) to buy her birthday prezzie.

Working lat last night had the advantage of allowing me not to feel guilty about going into the school this morning for a Governors meeting. It was luckily quite a short one and we are almost sorted now for the advert etc allowing us to move forward in our quest to find a new Head Teacher. It would also appear that the blues from the past couple of days seem to have lifted and in fact I found myself the exact opposite in that I was quite outgoing this morning!

A couple of days ago one of my favourite bands Ratdog played together for the first time in a couple of years. The band is based around former Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and has been having a hiatus while he has been playing with Furthur, another post Grateful dead band. He has also been busy opening a state of the art webcasting studio in Marin California which is where the performance took place. The show was webcast live from the studios but due to those annoying time zones this meant that the event started at 1am and ran through to the very early hours.

Apart from the fact the gig was on a Wednesday night, it was also Sarah’s Birthday and I had to get up for work in the morning so I didn’t have a hope of watching it live. I was quite disappointed to find, however, that when I got to work the next day there was no replay facility on the website. Thankfully though some enterprising soul had captured it and I’ve just been able to catch up with most of the first set on youtube.

I had noticed that the PC in the dining room was running very slowly tonight so I looked and it only had 128mb of free space left on the hard drive. So I did a disc clean up on it and by the time it had finished an hour later there was 4Gb of free space! Runs a bit better now!

Postkat is back on track with the meerkat as he has now arrived in Venice


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