28th January

Was hoping for a good night’s sleep and a nice lie in but it wasn’t to be! About an hour after going to bed we were woken up by our lodger who had been working but couldn’t open the door. Then this morning our Indian neighbours woke us up arguing at the top of their voices. Then to cap it all someone had kicked the wing mirror off the car again (luckily it was already only held on with PVC tape!)

At a loose end this afternoon I decided to put up the picture I had bought Sarah for Christmas. I was trying to think of something for her to do with the Stage show (or film) Priscilla Queen of the Desert but most of the usual things, t-shirts, CDs, DVD, etc she already had. Then I had an idea to find a framed poster for her but this turned out to be harder than I thought. I eventually won a poster on ebay and then set about getting a frame for it. This was harder than I thought as it turned out to be an unusual shape. I eventually worked out that it would fit in an A2 frame but would need a mount. I found first the frame and then the mount on ebay but the latter was scary as it meant getting the dimensions correct.

Eventually they all turned up and to my relief it all fitted together but shortly afterwards I spotted an issue with the frame. The little pins that held the back board in place were falling out one by one and by mid afternoon I had about 6 on the desk in front of me. To cut a long story short I did eventually get a replacement frame in time to hand it over on Christmas day. The person I bought the frame off never asked for it back so as it turned out to be the exact size of a board of pictures I’d had in an exhibition a few months back I ended up taking that one home and using it for the display board albeit with a load of gaffer tape on the back to hold it together!

The first thing I noticed as I went to hang the posters was that the two hanging devices that were supplied were different but I go ahead and screw them to the frame. My first thought is to add some picture wire to allow me to hang the pictures but when I’ve done this I’m not entirely convinced that it was the best idea. So I took a deep breath and measured up for the first frame, my display board, which I decided to hang in the empty space just inside the front door. I pinned the hangers to the wall and gingerly attached the picture onto them. To my shock it worked and looked great. So I repeated this with the Priscilla picture even though the hangers that came with the frame worked differently. My first attempt left the picture with a slant, caused we think by me measuring to the top of the mantlepiece which we decided may not be exactly level. I moved the hanger up about a cm and bingo it was done!

We had two German students arrive today and we had to pick them up from the coach park down the road. It was meant to be at 5 but just as we were about to leave the organiser rang us and told us it would be 5:30. So we arrived there at 5:30 and after a couple of minutes the organiser came over and told us he didn’t know how long they’d be as all he had heard was that they were leaving Gatwick at quarter to five.

We sat for a bit in the car and then after about ten minutes we both vocalized the same thought at the same time! If they were leaving Gatwick at quarter to five there was no way on god’s earth they’d have made it to us by 5:30!!!! And indeed it was nearly quarter past six when they finally got there!

Postkat has now made it to Nice with my meerkat toy – he said the people there aren’t that nice!


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