31st January

There was an odd synchronicity today as I listened to Musical Migrants on Radio 4 on the way to work. Last night I’d been listening to a recording by English guitarist Michael Chapman, who incidentally we’ve book for the Summer of Love Party this year, and I got to thinking about how I’d first heard his music. It was while I was at school and getting into music listening to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and other big rock bands of the day. Then one day a new boy appeared having moved from Basingstoke to Sunderland as his father was a vicar and had moved parish. He introduced us to a different sort of music, mostly folk, and as well as Mr Chapman I had my first introduction to people like Fairport Convention, John Martyn, Ralph McTell, Richard Digance and more.

So it was odd this morning to hear a similar story  from Daniel Sanden-Warg who growing up in Sweeden and playing guitar like Jimi Hendrix was suddenly introduced to the sound of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle by the new boy at school. he loved what he heard so much that he ended up moving to Norway to study with one of the giants of the instrument Hallvard Bjorgum.

Bit of a hoohah today at the kids school as they were doing some sort of test and just before they started the teacher told them it was to be held under exam conditions and asked if anyone had a mobile phone or other electronic device on them. Almost everyone put up their hands and she collected them in. It was only after the exam that she told them they couldn’t have them back until the end of the day. Then a truly bizarre thing happened she also confiscated our daughter’s coat. This despite it being a very very cold day and the fact that she passed out at school a couple of weeks ago due to, according to the hospital, extreme changes in temperature.

When my wife phoned to complain she was told that the teacher in question had gone home (how convenient) but, continued the person she spoke to, the children were and had been for some time aware that the test was under exam conditions. As I said above the fact that almost everyone handed over a mobile phone would suggest otherwise. There seems to be something seriously wrong with the department in question (Science) at that school. The Physics teacher for example arranged 5 revision lessons in the run up to an exam on Tuesday and didn’t turn up for 3 of them. Our problems date back several years and are at the point where we are considering a formal complaint.

So she’d had to walk round all day, including breaks, with no coat in freezing weather and then at the end of the day had to go all around the school trying to find the teacher with the coat and phone. Not good!

Postkat’s sense of direction is getting worse as he is now in Croatia!


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