1st February

So the first of February – I’ve managed to keep it going for a whole month 😀

A beautiful morning this morning with blue skies and lots of little pink clouds drifting across the end of the street. I had to pop up to the shop for milk and bread and as I walked back saw a wonderful image of two little pink clouds drifting by – and unusually for me I didn’t have my phone on me. The first shop didn’t have any bread so I dropped the milk off in the house, grabbed my phone and set off to the other shop at the opposite end of the street. Sadly the little pink clouds had gone but the picture came out well anyway!

As I mentioned before I’m sorting through a pile of RoIO CD’s (Recording of Indeterminate Origin) and today I put on one by early Pink Floyd called Doll’s House Darkness. The first four tracks are a recording of a TV show from 1967 where they were interviewed by a guy called Hans Keller. At first listen, and taken out of context (and of course with the benefit of hindsight) he sounds quite ridiculous as he criticizes them and their music, for example asking them why it has to be so loud (and admitting that he is more used to string quartets!). But having thought about it you have to remember it was 1967 and the Floyd had just played a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall moving them into the realms of the establishment. In retrospect it was an eminent arts reviewer who was put in a difficult situation reviewing music he neither liked nor understood!

It was while researching Mr Keller that I came across an incident that endeared him to me. A few years earlier he had got the BBC to play a piece of music on the Light Programme which was meant to be by a Polish Composer called Piotr Zak. It was said that the composer, who was little known, had started out as a classical composer but had recently been influenced by Stockhausen and Cage. The piece of music was allegedly called Mobile for tape and Percussion. In reality it has him and musicologist Susan Bradshaw randomly hitting percussion instruments combined with whistling sounds.

The irony is of course that as a piece of Avant Garde music it stands up quite well but it is said that the point was not to send up the music but to expose the state of music criticism at the time. If you play the video above check out the comments and the argument that still rages today as to whether or not the music is a hoax or a genuine piece of improvised music. Seems Mr Keller may not have been right about The Pink Floyd but he has had the last laugh!

Eldest step-daughter went to the cinema tonight with her friend and when they returned they had brought back McFlurry’s for all of us – a nice gesture but given the sub zero temperatures outside not a very practical one. When they returned we were watching a program called one born every minute which is a fly on the wall documentary about a maternity unit. In the opening sequence there was a lovely shot of a baby being born and just as it was pulled from it’s mum it’s eyes opened and it saw the world for the first time. It’s expression seemed to display confusion and wonder at the same time and it made me wonder what it was feeling, seeing or thinking at that instant of birth.

Sarah commented that the program was working as a very effective contraceptive for the teens in the room!

A little while later we were watching a program about Bouncers and one of the scenes was of one of the doormen working in his other job as a Pawn Broker. It then allowed me to ask step-daughter the question I’d been wanting to ask for ages – how does Pawn Broking actually work then? She initially looked at me as if I was stupid but as I’ve never actually been in the position of using their services it’s about as alien to me as how a bookies works (again I have only the slightest inkling of that process).  She did explain and now I have a slightly better understanding.

Munich! At least he’s now heading in the right direction again!


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