2nd February

Well who’d of thought you’d hear Melvin Bragg discussing clitorises and dildo’s on Radio 4!

I’m feeling rather sorry for a man I know
The world he holds in trembling hands is asking where to go
And as he stares out at me from the mirrored wall
I see that he is trying to cry but the tears they will not fall

I woke up this morning singing the last two lines from the stanza above. I knew it was from a Lindisfarne song but at first could place it. I knew why I was singing it – I’d looked in the mirror at work yesterday and joked to myself “I don’t know who that bloke is but I wish he’d stop following me around!”. So the third line of the song had crept into my head from there.


Slowly I worked my way backwards and forward remembering more of the lyrics until I got to the line “Like the colours in the January skies” and at that point I remembered the name of the song! It is of course January Song written by frontman Alan Hull. I think it’s one of his best songs sad but at the same time so full of hope for the furture. It’s about falling out of love and thinking the world has ended but the ambiguous refrain suggests that there is always someone to help you carry on!

And love is such a small word for something that is so vast
But in it lies the future, the present, and the past
And speaking now of changes I sometimes feel the fear
That the reason for the meaning will even disappear

I need you to help me carry on
You need me need you need him need everyone…

Leaving work quarter of an hour late tonight it was bloody freezing and I had my gloves on again and the temperature gauge on the car said that outside it had fallen to -2°C. However the upside was that there was a definite glow still viable in the sky showing that lighter nights are most certainly on the way (hopefully warmer ones won’t be far behind!)

This morning while getting ready the iron suddenly decided to stop working. We hadn’t had it long and had bought it when the previous one did exactly the same thing a few weeks after we bought that one. Bex announced that she was going to take it back to Wilkinsons at lunch time and by the time I got home we had a shiny new one (This could work out well – we could just take it back every few weeks and get a new one! may never have to buy one again!). So arriving home I went to make a cup of tea but when I switched the kettle on – nothing! I tried reseating it on the stand but to no avail. I mean what are the chances of the kettle and the iron both packing up on the same day! Eventually after emptying it I discovered that when I turned it over something was loose inside. I undid the screws and found that a piece of plastic had become dislodged so I put it back where it seemed to go and reassembled the kettle and found it now worked. I think it was a little valve that operates the cut off mechanism and as it wasn’t there it was permanently cut off!

As it’s so cold outside none of the cats want to go out so the four of them have been sneaking in and hiding themselves. On the whole this isn’t a problem with one exception – Louie! He can’t help himself and usually ends up causing some sort of havoc and being evicted – but even he has been keeping a low profile to stay in the warm, so much so we found him in the bedroom at 3am the other morning and didn’t even know he’d been there! Last night however there was a territory battle going on between Diesel (big white fluffball) and Tag (Small black and currently semi-bald). They were chasing each other round the dining room and would suddenly invade the living room, streak across the floor, turn suddenly and sprint back. It was hard to tell who was chasing who although I think that changed on a sixpence! At one point we found Diesel lying in ambush at the top of the stairs!

They ended up all staying in all night albeit split between the utility area and the kitchen and the night seemed to pass without any problems!

Now here’s a confusing situation – Postkat’s toy trackers tells me that after being in Munich yesterday Postkat has now ended up in Lisbon.

However in the afternoon I recieved a postcard from him that said he was in Amsterdam!

Hmmm I smell a rat!



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