3rd February

They say that finding a new Head Teacher is a difficult task in this day and age so I’m so glad that I’ve got HR around to help me!!

A couple of days ago I asked “How do you want the documents for the application pack” and I was told to e-mail them – which I did. then this morning I was asked to go into the school to sign my letter – the one I had e-mailed to HR. They had then e-mailed it to the school and asked them to print it out and get me to sign it. They then wanted the school to fax it back to HR so they could photocopy it and sent it to potential applicants. How impressive to receive a photocopy of a fax from the chair of Governors – that’d make me want to apply for the job!

Desert Island discs this morning had Sir David Attenborough as the guest for the 70th anniversary show. He came across as an unassuming character considering what he’d achieved in his life. I did have the pleasure of meeting him once at the Natural History Museum where he was the guest speaker at an event I was managing. Although our exchange was only with regard to seating and microphones he seemed like a nice guy (so many are not!). I also enjoyed the discussion of his life and career that evening as well.

To be honest I was expecting the show to be Vikram Seth but that turned out to have been last weeks show! I thought “oh my god I’ve lost a week” but then remembered I’d been at a Governing Body meeting last Friday morning!!



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