6th February

So close! You can almost touch the North from here!

I’m in Watford – not somewhere I’ve ever been before. And as I drove round the one way system for the third time I figured that there may have been a good reason for that!


The venue was difficult to find as from the outside it looked like a department store. The room itself was freezing and the only lift (only really meant for people in wheelchairs) broke down at one point!  Despite all this we were finished and back at the hotel by 5 having been to the pub for lunch as well!

Women, as you may already know, have a sixth sense and today I had a perfect demonstration of their powers. We went off to get some lunch and arrived at a pub. We stood outside while some of us finished their cigarettes (and it was warmer outside than in the venue!) Then just as I walked towards the door my phone rang……..


We went to pizza express for dinner which was pleasant enough except for a somewhat impatient waiter, a bus load of school kids on the next table and a semi compulsory 12.5% service charge! Hot and spicy pizza and half a bottle of red wine later we headed back to the hotel.


……. and landed in Brussels
On a plane ride so bumpy that I almost cried
Clergymen in uniform and young girls pullin’ muscles
it sure has been one hell of a ride


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