8th February

Communications from Client

Two weeks ago: I need you to edit together some video interviews we’ve shot when’s a good time to discuss these?

Two days later: Are you in the office – I’ll call you and discuss our requirements

Last Monday: I will call you today

Last Tuesday: Sorry i didn’t call you yesterday, will call you later.

Last Wednesday: I will call you today

Last Thursday: Uploads videos to dropbox and finally calls to brief me

Monday: Is it ready yet? (she gets my out of office message)

Today: Is it ready yet?

I usually listen to Radio 4 on my way home but the comedy program that starts at 6:30 isn’t always to  my taste – Sometimes I just don’t enjoy Radio 4 humour! So tonight I switched over to Radio 3 to listen to composer of the week which featured William Walton. They play 2 interesting compositions – the first being an extravagant BBC production about Christopher Colombus – originally broadcast during the War when he was excused War Service in return to composing music for propaganda films! The second piece was from the Laurence Olivier 1944 film adaptation of Henry V which of course starred Olivier in the lead role.

Football! Now there’s something I didn’t think I’d be blogging about! football is something I only have a passing interest in – usually around the time of the World Cup/European Championships when you get all hyped up only to watch the England side playing like a bunch of amateurs before picking up enough to get through to the knockout stage and then being soundly knocked out! I’m too young to remember 1966 but it’s been like that for every tournament since Mexico 1970.

So it was no surprise to find that the England Manager jumped ship 4 months before the European Championships start in June. Personally this doesn’t surprise me, I think he has been on the way out since the world cup where he lost the confidence of the nation after appearing not to be at all bothered about the fact we played like crap. Hopefully he’ll be replaced by someone who cares about winning!

I also caught some of the FA Cup 3rd round replay between Sunderland and Middlesborough. I was worried that Sunderland would be beaten after only managing to hold them to a draw at home. It was a relief to see them go one – nil up but this was short lived as Middlesborough equalised shortly afterwards. In some ways I was glad that Sarah wanted to watch something on the other side which I happily agreed to! I switched back in the second period of extra time just in time to see the winning goal!

Postkat has apparently arrived in Amsterdam – a week after I got a postcard e-mailed to me from there! Something odd going on here!


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