9th February

Woke up feeling quite low again this morning. I was ok once I was up and about but getting out of bed was quite difficult. I wondered if it’s because the first anniversary of my father’s death is fast approaching. I’m not usually one for marking such anniversaries but it’s difficult not to think this time last year…… For some reason I found myself thinking about my Dad struggling on the first day I spent with him in the hospice the week he died. It hasn’t been helped that one of Sarah’s mum’s friends has a terminal brain tumour and only has days to live which in some ways is bringing things back to me.

So tired tonight – spent most of it asleep on the sofa! It’s got a lot to do with the two German work placement students we have staying with us. They’re supposed to work normal hours and leave the house between 8 and 8:30 each morning. However we’ve got one who is working at a local engineering works and needs to leave the house at 7:20 which means I’ve got to get up and sort his breakfast and packed lunch before then. The other one however doesn’t start till 10 at a local bookshop and he has been moaning about having to leave when we go out at 8:30. Slight mismatch there methinks!

Postkat is in Rome!


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