12th February

Today has been the antitheses of yesterday – anti-matter to yesterdays matter. Whereas yesterday was cold but with blue skies and beautiful colours everywhere, today has just been dull. Grey skies, grey weather and well grey basically!

Whitney Houston died yesterday which is sad given that she was 2 years younger than me bit once again I just don’t get why people suddenly dash out and buy songs by someone who has just died! I mean if you liked them you should have the songs anyway. If you didn’t buy their music while they were alive why do so now they’re dead. Did their dying impress you so much? It’s not as if they’re going to stop selling their songs now they’re dead is it? After all if they’re famous enough their songs are going too be wall to wall on the radio today so why download them? Buying their music now is not going to benefit them! Ok maybe I could understand if you’d never heard of them until they died and you downloaded their music out of curiosity  but you’d have to have lived under a rock not to have heard of Whitney Houston!

Sarah’s Mum’s friend also died yesterday.

Victoria Wine

We’d been invited out for a meal to celebrate Sarah’s Dad’s Birthday which is on Tuesday. It was at the Whyte Hart in Bletchingly, we’d been there before a few months ago for another family occasion. I had slow roasted pork belly and it wasn’t until I’d ordered it that I realised that was what I’d had yesterday too! However yesterday it had cost £3.75, with an additional £1.50 for as many chips as you could cram on your plate, in the student cafe. Today it cost almost 3 times as much (but curiously wasn’t 3 times the portion!). Didn’t get chips today either but it did come with some rather tasty black pudding mash!


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