14th February

I had a dream last night, what a lovely dream it was
I dreamed we all were alright, happy in a land of oz
Why did everybody laugh when I told them my dream?
I guess they all were so far from that kind of that scene

What is a car? I personally think it’s a machine that you use to get you from point A to point B. What do you think?

The reason I ask was that as I pulled up this morning I saw one of my colleagues staring lovingly at his car and I’m almost sure I saw a little caress like you would with a lover. Ok it’s a nice car but if you look at it next to mine his positively shone, he’d obviously spent hours at the weekend washing and polishing it. Mine looked like it had just taken part in some sort of off road challenge!

My car’s have always been a mess – this is probably because I got my first car about a year before my first child was born. Plus I’ve always been an outdoors sort of person so cars were always being filled with camping equipment and driven over campsite or around festivals. Small children (and some bigger ones) are very messy creatures and the car was always full of crisp packets,  sweetie wrappers and worse (much, much worse!)

I’ve never understood the sort of bloke who gets up early every Sunday morning and sets about washing and polishing his car inside and out. (I always image his wife upstairs with the major hump and her vibrator!) there’s got to be better ways to spend your day off. My boss made a mistake when he handed me the keys to one of my company cars (those were the days). He told me that I should look after it and treat it like it was my own car. He should of course have told me that I should treat it like it was his car!!


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