15th February

Is it Friday yet?

No thought not! Anyway this is the poster for something I’m doing on Saturday – work (well sort of) – Now I’ve been racking my brains trying to work out if there’s a clever play on words going on here that I’ve missed but have to admit I think it’s a spelling mistake!!

I can’t be good no more, once like I did before.
I can’t be good, baby,
Honey, because the world’s gone wrong

I was digging out some CD’s last night to listen to in the car when I found World Gone Wrong by Bob Dylan. I bought it ages ago but I’m not convinced I’ve ever listened to it before. It was released at the time when I was losing faith in the Bobster after a series of nondescript albums. So when he put out 2 albums of cover versions I wasn’t too keen. It is actually quite a good album seen from this point in time.

So Mr Cameron has decided to declare war on binge drinkers. It’s going to be quite an uphill battle he’s facing if the program I watched tonight is anything to go by. It was that car crash tv program Sun, Sex and suspicious parents where they send some kids off on holiday and fly out their parents to spy on them. This week they were in Ayia Napa, Cyprus and one of the girls was from Sunderland (oh the shame!). I was quite amused but not surprised to see the parents of both kids getting all wound up by the kids sampling Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) in the bars and expressing their concerns about it leading to their offspring trying unspecified “harder stuff”. YET no one even batted an eye at the fact that these kids went out every night and drank as much alcohol in one night as I would get through in a year.

The dippy parents from Sunderland even went as far as saying they were proud of their daughter (except obviously for the nitrous oxide thing) even though she was 20 years old and had barely worked a day in her life and was being bankrolled in her alcoholic endevours by her doting parents who, by their own admission, spoiled their only child rotten. They were so proud as they watched her get the words Bite Me vajazzled onto her pubic region after felt tipping “fill me with jiz” on her arm. They must have loved it as she threw up or when she pulled men’s shorts down or kissed their bottoms. And imagine their pride when she spent the night in her room with a man but was so drunk she had no idea if they’d had sex!

So what is Mr Cameron’s plan? Well he hasn’t got one yet but it would seem that it will be based on pricing alcohol out of people’s range. This will of course have several side effects. Firstly it will hit responsible drinkers as much as binge drinkers. For those who have serious drink problems it probably won’t stop them drinking it will mean they spend less on other things instead. It will probably cost thousands of jobs in the brewing/entertainment/leisure industries. I suspect it will also fuel the blackmarket in alcohol with an increase in cross channel alcohol smuggling and put people’s lives at risk as more home made hooch hits the market. It could ironically push more people towards illegal drugs.

As usual nothing has been learned from history, nothing has been learned from the war on drugs that has failed miserably. It’s the usual knee jerk reaction that politicians like to come up with to pretend they’re doing something. The only way to change things is to make it socially unacceptable in the way drink driving was tackled – sort of a Big Society sort of idea (remember that David?). Price hikes and ill thought out legislation will only have the opposite effect.  All I can say is good luck Mr C.


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