16th February

Just ignore the above image! Go on try!

I decided to upgrade the version of Firefox on my pc at work to the latest version because I was getting a bit pissed off with Google Chrome which seems to use lots of memory. Anyway after I upgraded it I went to open this blog and non of the images would show up! So I un-installed it and re-installed same issue. So I installed it on the mac – no problems. On my phone – no issues. So I wondered was it a problem with the pc version? So I installed it on another pc – no problem! I’m currently on my third install on my pc.

Oh and the picture? it was a test to see if new images would show up. Needless to say it didn’t on the pc but did everywhere else. A mystery…..

Sarah rang me at work today to say there was a parcel for me, was I expecting something? I replied just a meerkat. At that point there was a loud squeal from the other end and sure enough Postkat had delivered my meerkat toy all the way from Meerkovo. They were all just about to leave to go to Sunderland so I’m lucky that Maiya (the meerkat) didn’t end up going with them!

There was the first going home sunset of the year tonight!


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