17th February

Bloody technology #1 – I’ve given up on Firefox already. I tried everything to get it to work on my work pc but it still wouldn’t download the images for this site. Odd thing was it would work on the same pc in chrome and even in Opera but juts not in Firefox. Oddly my self hosted blogs were ok – it was just the wordpress hosted one’s that had problems.

Bloody technology #2 – You would think it the easiest thing in the world to do – take a video and replace the sound with a recording from a different source. In this case the camera recorded the video and the stereo sound came from a recording onto a PC. Will they sync up – will they hell. I’ve tried everything but everytime I get them in sync at one end they go out at the other end. Frustrating afternoon!

Still tonight I got to watch a couple of programs about the great Sonny Rollins. One was a documentary about his life, the other a recording of a 1974 show at Ronnie Scott’s in London. I was lucky enough to go and see him at the Barbican a few years back – talented man!

Apparently the 1974 show was filmed for a BBC arts show and directed by Alan Yentob. It was introduced by an up and coming presenter called Melyn Bragg. In the end only a few shot snippets were used for the show but the cameraman edited all of the film back together and stashed them along with the master audio tapes in his attic.

Most of the film is in black and white but some of it is in colour – apparently they only printed the bits they needed for the TV show in colour. The whole show exists in black and white but the colour bits give a much better flavour of the evening – and without them you wouldn’t get to fully appreciate what sax/bagpipe player Rufus Harley was wearing!



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