19th February

Woke up at 3:20am – only a couple of hours after getting home absolutely convinced that I’d left one of my cases behind at the theatre. It’s a small silver one and I couldn’t remember putting it in the car. I went through loading the stuff in my head a couple of times and just couldn’t think where I’d put it. It got so bad I almost got up and went to the car to look but decided that it wouldn’t make any difference at that point as I couldn’t do anything about it anyway!

Needless to say when I got up this morning I went straight out to look and of course it was there!

Went for a walk this morning at Riverside Country Park this morning as it was such a nice bright sunny morning. I’ve been meaning to go down there on a Sunday since I discovered there were 3 walks along by the river. We’d done one with Ben a while back – Horrid Hill, neither horrid or a hill, is a causeway that juts out into the Medway estuary almost opposite the visitor centre. Then there is a walk that goes in either direction from there and it was one of those that I did. The path runs along the side of the river and passes through an old industrial area called Bloors Wharf before heading off toward Motney Hill where the sewerage works are hidden!

OK my comment about the sewerage works makes it sound awful, but t’s not. The walk passes through salt marshes, mud flats and reed beds that are full of wildlife. I enjoyed the sound of the waves lapping against the shore and the calls of the birds out on the river. A bracing wind was blowing but it wasn’t too cold as I walked along enjoying taking photographs of the beautiful open spaces. Such a shame that if Boris got his way all this would be ruined by the thousands of jets that would be flying past at low level as they came into land at his estuary airport, which itself would be built on an area of outstanding scientific and natural interest.

I had contemplated taking my “proper camera” but decided against it as I wanted to try out a new app that I had downloaded for my mobile phone. However for the first couple of pictures I tried to take I used the standard camera app. Unfortunately both times I used it, as I pressed the shutter it shut the camera down. There appears to be some bug in the latest version. The first time it happened I couldn’t get it to restart – inthe past I’ve had to plug the power cable in to get the phone to reboot. However I suddenly hit on the idea of taking the battery out, which I did, and it restarted when it was reinserted. I tried to use it again and it had the same effect although this time it restarted without a problem – or so I thought! When I got back to the Riverside Country Park visitor centre I looked at the phone and thought the time looked wrong. On closer inspection the phone was telling me it was 1am! On the 6th January! 1980! So all of the exif data on the pictures I took claims they were taken before digital photography (or indeed mobile phones) existed!

When I posted this info on Facebook someone suggested that maybe I gone through a time portal during my walk, whereas someone else suggested that maybe I was 18 again! I then posted a picture from 1980 and said if I was I would still look like this, and when I was asked how I knew I didn’t look like that I pointed out that I’d looked in the mirror!

Anyway after the second crash I decided not to attempt to use the standard camera app again so I used vignette and the new Magic Hour app I’d gone out to use. Unfortunately my inexperience with the new app meant that when I got home I found I hadn’t saved any of the pictures I took with it but that also lead me to discover that I could import pictures from other apps and apply the filters to them – which was cool! (I’ve since discovered that this is also possible with the vignette app opening up a whole new set of possibilities and options!

After I’d gone back home, had a coffee and warmed up I was dispatch by Sarah to go to Asda to buy her a new bra. As she is still away she couldn’t go herself so could I pop up there and buy her one! Oh dear lord I guess so. I then had to play guess the size, I’m sure I used to know but I think the size has changed since we first got together (it has from a B to a C) and after a bit of prevaricating I eventually guessed right! So on arrival at Asda I push the trolley up the moving stairway thing and find the bra department and the size is not there! I’m just in the middle of phoning her to ask if she’d like a white one instead when I turn round and there’s more behind me. I put it in my trolley and get the other things I need and head for the self checkout. I figure it’ll be less embarrassing if I go to the self checkout as I won’t have to explain that it’s not for me 😉 Only thing is…….when I go to scan it……THERE”S NO BLOODY BARCODE ON IT! I have to call over an assistant anyway!


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