20th February

Well that’s just typical!

Last week I told my colleague that Sunderland were lulling Arsenal into a false sense of security by letting them beat us in the league so we could knock them out of the FA cup a few days later.

And is he in today so I can say “told you so” – is he bollocks!

And talking of Sunderland, my missus is currently making her way back from there with two of the kids. The train she caught has already broken down and they’ve had to transfer onto another train at Doncaster. This train was on a different schedule so it’s now stopping at all the stations it was meant to stop at PLUS all of the ones her original train was due at!

On the upside when they swapped trains they were told they could sit anywhere so she’s now in first class and given that the train will most likely be over an hour late arriving in London will be able to claim her fare back – result really!

This is a still from Saturday night’s video shoot – from my little DV camcorder so not even one of the good cameras!


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