22nd February

I know I’m really bad at communicating with people. I know it comes from my first marriage and my reluctance to say anything that might have triggered a torrent of abuse from my first wife. It’s nearly 10 years now I wish I could get past it. However it’s taken me 3 days to pluck up enough courage to tell Sarah I had plans for Friday afternoon.

To be fair she is going to a funeral in the morning which I didn’t know about when I applied for the tickets and she had it all planned out how the day would pan out and it did feel a little churlish of me to put my hand up and say but…… Anyway I’ve done it now and plans are being reconsidered as I type.

To be honest though it’s also partly about knowing she’s bound to rip me to shreds over what she considers my unfathomable tastes in music! On the surface it did sound odd – “I’ve got tickets to watch a radio show”! I think she had visions of me sitting in a room watching someone play CD’s! It didn’t help when I explained “it’s a Radio 3 show” – that was like a red rag to a bull! And I then went on with “and it’s got live performers like folk singer Martin Carthy”. Then when she got in the car and ejected a Led Zeppelin CD from the stereo…….She says I just hand it to her on a plate!


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