23rd February

Spent today banging my head against the HR department wall of Medway council.

Also editing a video for Cofunds – nice when an old client comes back!

And listening to some editions of the Radio 3 program Late Junction via iplayer

Tonight I’m going to try and give blood again now that I can prove that I don’t have a brain tumour!!

After my last attempt to give blood I vowed I’d never go again but I really knew it wouldn’t last. Anyway Bex was going to give blood for the first time and Sarah wanted me to keep an eye on her due to the family trait of “going a bit wobbly! at things like that. Sarah for example probably wouldn’t get past the pin prick of the finger before hitting the deck. So I was told to keep an eye on her!

It may be only a smear to you but it’s life and death to some poor wretch

I do get annoyed with the Blood people, they rally haven’t moved with the times – the equipment might be updated every now and again (like today when they were struggling with some new rocking device for the blood) but the attitudes are still firmly rooted in the 1950’s. It’s also annoying to see signs outside saying new donors welcome and then to be discouraged from giving because I didn’t have an appointment and would have to wait!

But I did wait – but unfortunately bex did have an appointment so she went first (albeit 45 minutes after the appointment time). It was also unfortunate that they put her on a bed right down the other end of the room where I couldn’t see her, the view also being obscured by a trolley as well. However everything seemed to be going ok and I had just sent a text to her mum to that effect when I looked up and saw the nurse fanning her and noticed that she had her feet up!

Oh dear she’d gone as white a sheet. Apparently she’d told the nurse she felt faint and I think they caught her in time. So she was left to recover on the bed until she felt well enough to get up. At which point I’d finally reached the front of the queue and ended up on the bed she’d justĀ vacated. Afterwards I had my coffee, crisps and bourbons!

I did notice though that they have changed the awards now and instead of getting the tie pin or broach you now seem to get a pen instead. I’ve only got 6 more to go before my gold award so that’s something to look forward to. Hopefully Bex will go again and see how she gets on next time – we’ve got appointments booked for June so watch this space!

I don’t mind giving a reasonable amount, but a pint? That’s very nearly an armful!


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