25th February

It’s exactly one year ago tonight since my dad died. I’m not one for marking these sort of anniversaries except to note that it’s one year. Getting all maudlin won’t change the fact that he’s dead so why do it? Sadly there are others who won’t feel the same and I suppose I’d better call!

Now here’s a weird thing – a few weeks ago I went to do some editing and found a problem with my Formac studio input/output device. The input bit was working ok but the only output was a purple screen. I tried everything I could think of bit couldn’t get it to work – tried removing other devices, changing settings, wiggling cables……everything. In the end I decided that I’d just have to put up with it. Then today I opened Final cut and it just started working again, as I said weird!

And while I’m on the subject of Final Cut – it’s been a good week as I’ve made a couple of advances in my knowledge. Specifically working with multiple clips which I’ve been using to edit the footage from last weekend. I don’t normally get to use more than two camera shots for the corporate stuff so it’s exciting to use up to 5 so far (and 7 to come as shown above). I’ve also finally sorted out the issues that I’ve had in the past replacing the audio from the camera with that recorded on a pc. I’ve had problems with the audio going in and out of sync but have now worked out that it’s because the audio from the PC was recorded at 44.1Khz whereas the video audio is recorded at 48 Khz (or in some cases 32Khz) I found out that was the issue but the solution wasn’t as straightforward as I might have thought. Still it allowed me to get two more videos from last years festival sorted!

And finally a complaint to Ticketweb…..When I bought my ticket for the Dark Star Orchestra did a little box pop up saying “Warning this is Mother’s Day do you want to continue” – no it didn’t did it!!!!!


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