27th February

Monday’s come round all too quickly, don’t you think?

Another picture from yesterday – there’s a Deli near the Fish and chip shop that always attracts my eye!

Someday’s I think people are just trying to confuse me! I’ve gone to make myself a cup of coffee and found a different kettle there to the one that was there earlier. However there’s that short moment when I think to myself “That IS a different kettle to the one that was there when i made my last cup of coffee isn’t it, it’s not just that I didn’t notice last time…..” Anyway turns out it is a new kettle and a rapid boil one at that. Obviously it’s been noted by the powers that be how long we spend waiting for the kettle to boil and this is aimed at increasing productivity! 😉

Payment for weekend working              £175
Tax Deducted                                        £ 56
Balance                                                 £119

Percentage deduction 32%

I worked 12 hours that day so I arrived on site at 1pm and it was 5pm before I started earning any money!


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