28th February

I’m feeling really pissed off with the HR department of the local authority in regard to employing a new head teacher for the school. We had a meeting to shortlist candidates for interview yesterday and although none of the candidates were acceptable I felt that HR then told us what we should have done. Why they couldn’t have told us this information before we spent £2,500 on adverts I don’t know! The HR person who came to the meeting was a senior consultant and we outlined our complaints to her. She also said she’d draft some letters to the candidates for us.

When the letters arrived today, frankly I could have written them better! They didn’t, in my opinion, give enough details about why we were asking the candidates to apply again. Even worse there were grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in them. Then of course there was the offhand way our concerns were dismissed – suggesting that maybe we were just kicking off about nothing. I’m sooooooo annoyed at the moment – we’re getting a shitty service and it seems to go right through the organisation. But then why do the job you’re paid to do when you can get the mugs on the Governing Body to do it all for you…….for nothing!


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