1st March


Day off today but spent most of the morning in a meeting about headteacher recruitment. This meeting was one that we should have had a month ago but weren’t offered. Hindsight is wonderful and so is getting support (it wasn’t from HR obviously!)

While I was in school today I handed my memory stick to the guy who looks after the IT systems. He loaded a copy of the school logo onto it and gave it back. It wasn’t until later when I went to have a look at the logo that I realised that at some point in the past the name of the memory stick seems to have mysteriously changed to kevinsmells – I wonder who might that done that, Melissa!

The this afternoon I went to see the doctor – felt that if they were not going to contact me about the drugs for my cluster headaches I better go and see them – especially as I have an appointment with the consultant again next month. I asked about the injections I’d been prescribed and when I took them. I was told that I should inject myself when the headaches start and then if I need to a few hours later.

So I asked how many I was going to be prescribed and was told 2. So that’s the first day sorted out then – what about the other 27 or 35 or….Apparently they’re only allowed to prescribe 2 at a time – not sure what I’m meant to do but on the surface it looks like I’d have to go and get a new prescription every day for over a month – that’s not going to work is it?


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