4th March

A writer friend tweeted:

Gauzy grey wet and windy sunday morning. Perfect day to snuggle up with a good book, tons of coffee, and wild screeching jazz

Chance would be a fine thing!

And on the subject of writing:

A pen, a pen, my kingdom for a pen! Why are there never any pens to be found in this house. There should be loads, where do they all go?

Oddly bemused last night by the sudden appearance of a severe weather warning for snow. SNOW! We were sitting in the park enjoying the sunshine just 48 hours ago! It would seem that mother nature has been lulling us into a false sense of security over the last few days and winter hasn’t finished with us yet!

The return of winter was also at odds with our plans for spring cleaning – or more exact cleaning up the pits of two of the younger members of the household namely the 6 year old and the….ahem…. 18 year old! We needed to clear out all of the rubbish accumulated beneath the 6 year old’s bed and to chuck out some old toys as well as the usual detritus that a 6 year old thinks important! There was also the task of finding the DVD’s to go into the empty cases and the empty cases for the numerous DVD’s that lay strewn around his room (and indeed the house!)

The other room was a different prospect all together, Sarah said she was going up for a look so I asked if she could wait until I was out of the house (or preferably the country!).She doesn’t go up there often as she finds the stairs tricky but I’d been up there recently and knew what she was walking into. I watched her go up the stairs and waited for the explosion – I didn’t have to wait long!

There was a computer desk that was so covered in rubbish that there appeared to be no room to even move the mouse! The window sill was covered with a collection of empty bottles (alcoholic of course!). A huge pile of dirty clothes lay in the alcove and beyond that there was still sawdust and hamster poo even though the hamster had been downstairs for the last 6 weeks. I could go on but I think you get the picture!

Luckily for us Sarah had employed a secret weapon, namely a friend who was coming round to help. She bullied and bossed in a way that would have ended up in a huge argument if we’d done it. before long there were 4 black bin bags full of rubbish and 2 recycling bags full of bottles ready to be put out for collection. I pity the poor binmen this week I really do!

And we’ll have to do it all again next weekend when our lodger moves out – but more of that nearer the time!


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