10th March

And the award for crappy customer service goes to……..Vodafone (of course) with Sports Direct coming a close second!

It could be just me but being made to feel like a complete idiot by first a customer service rep and then a technical advisor for about 20 minutes before being passed onto “second line technical support” who almost immediately admits the problem is at their end is not the bext way to run a business or to treat your customers.

Then in Sports Direct I’m waiting to buy some trainers and the lady invites me to go to the till down the end and when I get there she starts serving someone else. I wait and then another assistant invites me to come down to the till at the other end and before I get there she starts serving another customer. Meanwhile someone else has taken my place in the other queue and he then gets served before me. I finally get served and there’s no apology or even acknowledgement that anything untoward has happened! Still what do you expect from a company that sponsors Newcastle!

There was a knock on the door today and when I opened it there was a youngish lad and a small child standing outside. He asked me if I was having a good day. I replied that yes I was but assuming they were Jehovah’s Witnesses then it had just hit a downward spiral!. He admitted that they were so I went into my rant about how it annoys the hell out of me that they always turn up with small children when I knew fine well that if that child needed urgent medical care they would put their beliefs above the child’s life and let them die. I slammed the door after telling them they’d probably burn in hell (they caught me at a bad time!) –  A few minutes later I set off to pick up Sarah from her tutorial and I swear the Jehovah’s had called in re-enforcements and were praying for me outside the house – this probably means I damned now too!

Still on the bright side our annoying, smelly, inconsiderate, lacking in social skills lodger has finally moved out. She had been with us for just under 3 months and had managed to be such a pain in the arse we eventually had to ask her to leave. She was 29 and studying for a Phd in Bio-science but didn’t seem to be able to live as an adult. She couldn’t grasp the concept of locking the door if she was the last one out and constantly woke us all up by coming in at 1am or later after work by her inability to unlock the front door. She would also insist on having a shower in the middle of the night and then leaving the bathroom floor covered in water.

And as for her cooking – she fried everything and some of it smelled so bad that we have had to open every window in the house and the smell has still lingered on for days afterwards. She also managed to cover all of the kitchen in oil and fat and never cleaned it up properly and often didn’t wash the pans properly which, on one occasion, caused whatever I put in it afterwards to suddenly explode and burn my hand with hot oil. She consistently pleaded poverty but spent fortunes on expensive food which more often than not ended up with half of it being chucked away.

Curiously despite dying 2 towels, a sheet, and a mattress protector pink (and covering them in unidentified stains), breaking at least one plate, leaving her room in a filthy state and burning a hole in the carpet she still thinks she’s going to get all of her deposit back! She will be in for a nasty shock when she gets a bill instead!


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