11th March

Lovely spring day and after last week’s spring cleaning of the inside of the house it was the garden’s turn this week. So after breakfast I dug out the lawnmower and attacked the grass that had grown wild over the winter. It’s not much and desperately needs to be re-sown or re-laid but chopping it back will mean we will be able to hang clothes out on the line without treading in hidden cat poo!

I also sorted out the planters that we had strawberries in last year and to my amazement I found that despite spending most of the winter months underwater they seem to have not only survived but are sprouting too! I’ve punched some holes in the bottom of the planters to allow excess water to escape and hopefully avoid the problems we had last year!

I’ve also put out the wind chimes and the buzzy bee windmill. It was nice sitting in the garden listening to Misty in Roots and drinking coffee – here’s hoping that I get lots of chances to do so this year. Now all I need is for the grapevines to show signs of life and for the chilli plant to recover! I’m also still hopeful that the cutting of ivy I took from my Father-in-law’s garden will continue to thrive so I can plant it next to the other one


I’d have to be a warrior, a slave I couldn’t be 
A soldier and a conqueror, fighting to be free.


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