14th March


So I’m standing on the platform at my local station noting how forlorn it all looks. The cracked uneven platforms with their mish mash of paving stones and tarmac. The tarmac itself is like a patchwork where it’s been dug up numerous tines across the years. There’s bird shit everywhere, on the beams holding up the roof, streaked down the walls and caked onto the platform itself looking like it’s built up over many many years.


All in all it looks like a station in desperate need of a refurb……except this is the station after it’s had a whole heap of money spent on it! So what did we get for the money? Well we got a huge glass conservatory stuck to the front of the station. Why? Well no o e knows – it sits empty and passengers pass through it in less than 2 seconds on their way to stand on the dirty, uneven, cold platforms down below!



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