15th March

So far today

2am truck won’t fit into loading bay so we have to push everything out to the street to load it

2:20am Scary taxi ride home through very thick fog, visibility down to feet on the A2.

3:30am Got to bed

6:30am get up

7:45 Another drive through thick fog to drop of students

8:45 Arrive at Ben’s school to find camera car parked outside, drive round corner camera car follows me, drive round another corner still behind me (persecution?) Eventually find parking space and take Ben to school, gate locked have to walk round to where we first saw camera car. Luckily his classroom is still open.

9:20 arrive at Doctor’s to find appointment has been cancelled. Apparently they phoned me but when i didn’t answer didn’t leave message because it would have breached patient confidentiality – no seriously they actually said that! Argument ensures – I promise to complain (actually this is the third time they pissed us about this week).

9:30 Get annoyed in post office cos postage rates for mother’s day cards are so confusing. End up spending £2.72 on postage

9:45 Drive to work – still angry when I get there an hour late(r)

And all with a really bad headache!

space to indicate passage of time

Two paracetamol made the day seem brighter and it all went off much better than could have been predicted at 11am! However I did spend most of the evening asleep on the sofa – hardly surprising really!

Heard this on the radio tonight – really enjoyed it


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