17th March

I’ve remembered the two things I was going to blog about yesterday so I’ll do it today as it’s been a bit slow today apart from watching Wales win the Grand Slam against France which was a stressful experience in itself! I’d like to say that France never looked like winning but every now and again it did look as if they just might!

Anyway I was de-friended on Facebook the other day simply because I didn’t agree with someone’s point of view. This person, let’s call him JP, has become obsessed with the idea that Global Warming is a myth. He constantly posts links to webpages that agree with his point of view and takes any opportunity to push his message down people throats. Unless you agree with him 100% he will rail against you and he automatically assumes that everyone, including the media, is wrong.

I’ve been biting my tongue for quite sometime and not saying what I really wanted to say. In my opinion even if Global Warming is a myth then is the fact that the belief in it is making us think about what we are doing to the planet a bad thing? Are the efforts to reduce carbon emissions and cut back on polluting the world going to do any harm even if we turn out to be wrong about Global Warming – No they are not. If we were to take his point of view that it doesn’t exist then what would happen? We would go on and on creating more and more carbon and pollutants which if he were wrong would make matters worse.

So he suddenly commented on my status about something that had nothing to do with what my status was about. He then got all humpy when I said that I’d started to ignore his posts. He then suddenly changed the topic to Global warming and asked what had happened to all the hippies. I said that I thought he had a closed mind and that wasn’t what being a hippy was about. I then asked the above question about carrying on as we are and said that was what being a hippy was about. So he de-friended me!

He has since been in touch offering to send me all the research he has done – I’m not going to accept his offer! I am a bit worried about him to be honest when someone get’s his single minded about something there must be something wrong. FFS he’s an Oxford graduate and a deadhead and he’s started quoting the Daily Mail! (Eben his children are embarrassed about that!) I think I’ll just let him get on with it and at least if I’m not his friend on Facebook I won’t have to listen to all his drivel!

The other thing again started on Facebook. An old school friend posted that he had now lived in Leeds for half his life. I said that I’d lived in the south for more than half my life and posed the question “did this now mean I was a Southerner” Then another school friend posted that although he’d lived in London for 27 years (roughly the same as me) he was like a stick of rock and had Sunderland running right through him!

Sunderland Bridge

This made me think – I didn’t feel like that. Sunderland was where I grew up but it’s not my home and it doesn’t actually mean that much to me and even less now I have no relatives still living there. I’ve made my home here, my children were born and have grown up here, why hold somewhere I haven’t lived for over 27 years in such high regard?

Then the following day yet another school friend pointed out that my old school was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and had put up a load of pictures from various years. I had a look and although there were none of me I did find my old form tutor and a lovely shot of Mr Daniels, the best maths teacher ever, climbing through a window at Middleton camp. It made me quite nostalgic and if I can find any pictures I’ll send them in.

Then on Facebook I was told about a group which was dedicated to the history of Sunderland and joined it. There were some great old photos, mostly before my time but some of things I remember. I added a picture that I’d found in my Dad’s things of the old Wheatsheaf Police Station and got some interesting comments – if I find other stuff I will add those too!

Then I started to think about what I’d felt about the stick of rock comment. I think the way I feel is that Sunderland was somewhere I grew up and it holds important memories for me BUT I’m not saying that I am a Sunderlander – I don’t spend my life thinking about the place and feeling that I wish I could go back there. In the same way I feel nostalgic about the Glastonbury festivals I went to but if I went there again it wouldn’t be the festival I knew and loved. Does that make sense?


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