19th March

Born in a house where the doors shut tight
Shadowy fingers on the curtains at night
Cherry tree blossom head high snow
A busy main road where I wasn’t to go
I used to sit on the garden wall
Say hello to people going by so tall
Hallo to the postman’s stubbly skin
Hallo to the baker’s stubbly grin
Mrs Thompson gave me a bear
Brigitte and some people lived upstairs

My ears have finally stopped ringing!

The new dishwasher arrives tomorrow so hopefully no more washing up woes!

Oxygen arrives on Wednesday for to relieve my cluster headaches should they suddenly strike!

So I’m driving home and Sarah rings and asks me how long I’m going to be – I reply 25 minutes but now you’ve asked me it’ll probably there’ll be a traffic jam and it’ll take an hour.

Well you know that expression many a true word spoken in jest…..

What annoys me is that the traffic jam had no real cause that I could see other than it needed to come off the M25 and go round the roundabout and down the slip road onto the A2. I am firmly of the opinion that the thing that causes the traffic to bunch up like this is that the road markings don’t facilitate the easy flow of traffic round the roundabout. It’s been like this since the multi-million pound makeover of the junction when a bridge was built to take traffic from the A2 over the road and onto the M25 towards the tunnel. This should of course have relieved the congestion on the roundabout but it doesn’t seem to have prevented the queues.

It’s of course insane that the Government could have spent millions and the whole thing was messed up by a few badly painted white lines – isn’t it?


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