22nd March

There is a point around 6am where our street is empty, no people, no cars just empty street. The only sounds that can be heard is the song of the many birds and the low rumble of the trains as they enter or leave the station.

On a morning like this morning when the sun is starting to climb in the sky and its rays are burning off the early morning mist it’s beautiful – well as beautiful as the metropolis gets. Twenty minutes later and it’s gone!

So anyway the reason I’m up early is that I’ve got a video shoot up in London and I need to be on site for 8am ready to shoot against a Green screen by 9. In the end, despite South Eastern’s best efforts, I’m ready to go at 8:45. However the first time I press record is at 12:15 three and half hours later!

So while I was waiting I was leafing through the literature about the event and I found a name I recognised. A few years ago after writing on my blog about an event that happened to me in Sunderland it ended up being reblogged on a site called BoingBoing. After that it all went crazy and before I knew where I was my server was crashing everyday under the weight of traffic, I was in the Sun and the Daily Mail, interviewed live on Sky News and for the BBC (Radio & TV). we even found the story as far away as Eastern Europe and Turkey!

The guy who kicked all of this off was Cory Doctorow and it was his name I’d spotted as being one of the presenters and as it turned out one of the people I had to interview!


Word of the Day: Biomechatronics

Never had anyone roll up their trouser legs before during an interview! Pretty impressive “bionic” legs up close under the tv lights!


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