24th March


Beautiful day!

When you’re lost in the rain in Juarez
And it’s Eastertime too
And your gravity fails
And negativity don’t pull you through

The beautiful day gave way to a beautiful night, cold and crisp as the temperature fell and the cloudless sky offered no resistance as the heat evaporated away. In the west, framed by the perspective if the road the moon hung low in the sky. Two days after the new moon the tiniest sliver of light showing the birth throes of a new crescent moon. High above the moon in an elevated position at eleven o’clock in the night sky Venus sat shining brightly.

Sadly even though I tried to take photographs they didn’t do the scene justice but for the second time this week I was reminded that you don’t have to live somewhere remote way out in the country to be in awe of the natural world around us!


Counting stars by candlelight
All are dim but one is bright
The spiral light of Venus
Rising first and shining best
Oh, from the north-west corner
Of a brand new crescent moon
Where crickets and cicadas sing
A rare and different tune
Terrapin Station
In the shadow of the moon
Terrapin Station
And I know we’ll be there soon


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