27th March


Day 3 Camera 3 – this is a Sony X3 which records HD to memory card instead of tape – it had a 22Gb memory card in it! I was filming a brief piece to camera and had set up in the board room of an office in a posh bit of London. It was so posh that when I was offered a coffee it was brought by a member of the catering team, on a tray with proper cups and saucers and a plate of biscuits (including chocolate ones!!!!!!) – but no sugar! I went out to find sugar and a bloke was standing outside the door (hopefully a coincidence) with a box of the stuff! He almost fell over himself to give me some!

I then noticed that the air conditioning was a bit noisy and was being picked up by the microphones so I asked if it could be turned off. Several minutes later two men arrived with a step ladder. They removed a ceiling tile and then one of them, standing on an upturned chair balanced on the boardroom table reached up and switched it off! I didn’t mention the other humming noise coming from a piece of equipment behind me! The guy I was filming was obviously quite important judging by all this rushing about. At one point he complained that he’d sent someone an e-mail at 5am that morning as as yet (9am) hadn’t got a reply. He muttered that he was sure that even I checked my e-mail when I got up in the morning……….er no!

Well not my work e-mails anyway!

I saw something on Facebook the other week about a collective called Clock Operation who were going to make a track from sounds submitted by other Soundcloud users – so I uploaded one of my sounds and today I got an e-mail saying there was a preview online. I think I can hear my sound in there!


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