30th March

WooHoo! Pay day – been a five week month so seems like a long time! Survived to the end with 73p in my pocket and a fiver in the bank that I couldn’t get out of a cashpoint machine! It didn’t help having to find £100 on train fares into London for work over the past week either! Still I paid the phone bill this morning so we shouldn’t get cut off and my mobile phone bill too as they sent me a snotty text on Wednesday!

It’s weird coming into work on a Friday after 2 days off – it felt like a Monday but if all Mondays were Fridays wouldn’t that be grand? And only 4 days next week before we’re off to Devon on holiday (Petrol shortage permitting!)

I did actually need some petrol and as we were going to Sarah’s nan’s after work I thought I’d fill up after we’d left there figuring that the queues may have died down by then. As it happened I spotted a petrol station that not only had short queues but was also selling it for a sub £1.40 price per litre so I joined the queue. The first pump I went to was empty – don’t think I’ve had that happen before but it didn’t take long to get my tank filled up for the long journey tomorrow.


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