3rd April


The west is the best 
The west is the best 
Get here, and we’ll do the rest 

The blue bus is callin’ us 
The blue bus is callin’ us 
Driver, where you taking us

A couple of years ago we decided that in order to save money we would go on holiday at Easter. After all we had our own caravan (that’s another story and a long one) to use during the summer so if we were to go away we’d go at Easter and save money. I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been before so we ended up booking a caravan near Aberystwyth during the Easter holidays in April. Now I know what you’re thinking we must have been mad but as it turned out we had better weather than we had had the previous year in the southern part of France in August. Our only regret was choosing a cheap caravan without heating as it got a bit chilly in the evenings.

So we rebooked for the following year and again had a good time. Curiously our plan didn’t work as we now had two holidays a year instead of one and at the end of year two in Wales we decided to have a change the next year and booked for the Isle of Wight. In the end we changed this to a site up in Northumberland as we thought it would be the last chance to see my dad who was terminally ill but he died before we went but it gave us the chance to spend time with his mum as she neared her 100th birthday (she died herself a few months later).

So far our Easter holidays have all been really good and despite the time of year we’ve had some nice weather. We’re off again on Friday and this time instead of heading north we’ve decided to go west which given the fact that all of the places we’ve been for the past 3 years have had snow in the last 24 hours may just have been a sensible (if lucky) decision!

There’s been a lot of coverage in the Press about the announcement that the Government plans to monitor all our web use and e-mails – although how they plan to do it is anyone’s guess. It’s total insanity why they should be so worried about electronic communication, I mean they don’t (and never have not even during the war) open everyone’s letters do they? It reminds me of the old story about how people were worried about televisions when they first came out thinking that if you could see them then they could see you!

Anyway i was amused tonight about a page I saw on Facebook which suggested that if the Government were so interested in our e-mails maybe we should let them see them and suggesting that for just one day everyone in the country cc’s Theresa May into every single e-mail they send. I think it’s a brilliant idea!


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