4th April


Saw this box sitting outside a neighbours door this morning and it amused me! Grabbed a quick snap before the recycling men who were bearing down on it arrived and snatched it away to be crushed and consigned to history.

Thought of the day – the French and time what’s that all about?

I was looking for something to listen to in the car this morning and grabbed a couple of CD’s that I’d put together. they were actually the first CD’s I made when I bought myself a new computer back in 1999 (actually the last time I bought a new computer!) This computer had all the latest bits and bobs and had one of those new CD burners! So I grabbed a couple of tapes that I’d put together from sessions that had been on Johnnie Walker’s BBC show and transferred them via the soundcard onto CD. Given that they were the first one’s I did and are over 13 years old they weren’t bad at all!

I’d heard a lot about Instragram – it’s a photo app that originated on the iphone. I found out today that it’s now available for the Android platform so I went to download it. Finding out it was 15mB I decided to wait until I got home before doing so. When I did I was very disappointed. Compared to apps like Camera 360, Magic Hour or Pixlr-o-matic it’s very limited in what it can do. I can’t work out if the Android version is not as good as the iphone version or if like everything else to do with the mac/iphone/ipad it’s just been blown up out of all proportion – hype over substance! I can’t see it getting much use from me!


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