5th April

Somebody, I don’t recall who, once said: “When you get there there’s no there there”. This applies not only to location in space, but also to time: when you get to the future, you find yourself in the present moment. So the future never comes Don’t let the thought of future (or past) obscure the preciousness of the present moment. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Started the day off with some Gregorian Chants in the car on the way to work! There’s always been a small part of me that would have been happy to have lived his life in a monastery in mediaeval times giving his life to daily devotional duties. I don’t suppose it’d be the same in this day and age. Many years ago while working on an event for the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia I was accommodated overnight in a monastery which I was quite excited about. In the end I was shown to my room late in the evening by our contact and the next morning we left bright and early to be back on site – never even saw a monk! If there was any devotional activities going on I never saw them – it was a source of great amusement that the industry I worked seemed to work longer hours than monks (who give up their entire lives to God).

What I did meet (or rather who) on that event was Victoria Gillick who was well known for campaigning against teenage girls being given contraception or even advice on contraception. She swanned over to me as I was operating camera in a marquee in the rain and indicating the weather told me it was my fault as I hadn’t been praying hard enough! I smiled the sort of smile that really says piss off! I was doing camera but it was a bit pointless as the video picture was virtually invisible. The organisers had been advised by my colleague that the marquee needed to be lined or a reap projection blackout tunnel was required. In the end neither were forthcoming and the GE projector (the brightest one on the market at the time) was virtually invisible even after the picture size had been reduced to a quarter of the secret size! And actually Mrs Gillick the bad weather was helping in this case!!



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