6th April


I had a word with the eternal oneness and we’re setting off into the blue skies of the west on a bright but frosty morning!

At one time I used to do this journey a lot back and forth to Glastonbury or Cornwall but it’s been a few years since I’be headed down the 303. Unfortunately nothing has changed and we got stuck in a massive traffic jam which was caused, as far as I could tell, by people slowing down to gawp at Stonehenge!

But it wasn’t just the 303 everywhere was packed – fleet services, the picnic area, everywhere – I guess that’s what we get for going away on a Bank Holiday!


Eventually we arrived in Devon and got settled in to the caravan. Although there was some feeling that the standard of the caravan wasn’t up to the level which we’d paid for. As is tradition on our first night we set off to find a fish & chip shop. We drove for ages but we couldn’t find any shops let alone a chippy. We were just about to give up when we finally spotted one


While Sarah was in the chippy I went round the corner to the shop I’d spotted to buy some milk. The shop was like something you’d see in a museum and you could see through to the owner’s living room. An old dear huffed and puffed her way to serve me but then had to huff and puff her way back to fund her purse to get change for the fiver I’d given her. After scrabbling through her change she eventually found £4 to give me!

So we then headed back to enjoy our fish & chips – well it was Good Friday after all!



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