15th April

I moved my herb garden on further today. I fixed the baskets I bought yesterday to the wall outside the back door. Typically one hole wouldn’t drill properly but I managed to get a smaller screw into it.


Once I’d done that I went out to buy something to put in them. I’ve planted thyme, sage, basil, parsley, rosemary and chives.



The bottom trough is going to have mint in it but the shop I went to didn’t have any seeds. I had to fill it to stop it blowing away! I just hope the cats don’t fill it any more!

In the evening I spotted that one of my favourite films was on TV. Walkabout was made in 1970 and is about two children who are lost in the outback of Australia after their father drives them out there for a picnic and after attempting to shoot them he sets fire to the car and then shoots himself. After wandering for a couple of days they are rescued by an aboriginal boy who is on walkabout who eventually leads them to safety.

The film is infamous for some nude scenes featuring the 16 year old Jenny Agutter but aside from that it is a very good film. It’s the sort of film that meanders along with a very minimal story line but covers all sorts of issues. I guess it appeals to me as the story shows their struggle to return to “normal life” but once back there she realises that maybe it wasn’t worth going back for!


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