17th April

Suddenly this afternoon this happened:

I didn’t think we did that any more and to be honest it all seems a bit pointless when most people have smart phones and can access sites like Facebook via them anyway!

Strangely though it then disappeared later in the afternoon after blocking sites like Flickr as well – hmmm hope it’s not a sign of things to come!

Today I had a bit of an obscession with this band:

Not sure why but I had an inclination to listen to them. They are one of the bands I liked as a teenager who released all of their great albums before I discovered them. In fact they were one of a number of bands who’s first release after my discovery was the start of that slippery slope away from greatness and into mediocrity! The first new Yes album after starting to like them was Going for the One – which was ok but didn’t really reach the heights of it’s predecessors! After that it was Tormato which was awful (except for the unexpected hit Don’t kill the whale) and then Drama when they became the Yuggles!

It was during the Trevor Horn period that I got to see them for the first time at the City Hall in Newcastle (1980). The band had been playing in larger venues so it was nice to see them back in a intimate setting but I think everyone would have preferred the classic line up. The groans from the audience that greeted the missing of the high notes in Roundabout by Mr Horn must have been audible on the stage!

It wasn’t until Glastonbury in 2003 that I saw the band again and thankfully this time it was the classic line up with Anderson and Wakeman.



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