18th April

I had an appointment with the neurologist this morning at the hospital as a follow up regarding my cluster headaches. I had been concerned about being prescribed verapamil as a preventative and after discussing it this morning I’ve decided not to take it.  As I pointed out before the fact that I only get a cluster every 12-18 months isn’t worth the risk to my heart of taking these tablets on the off chance that they might prevent an attack. I also feel that it would put the headaches in my life all the time instead of just when I’ve got them if I have to keep taking the tablets and having regular ecg’s. In some ways, as I pointed out a while back, I was better off not knowing about cluster headaches!

She said I was weird as I told her how much I’d enjoyed my MRI scan! I am a bit worried though that she says that the number of sumatriptan injections I’m allowed is an issue for my GP to sort out. I’m not overly impressed by their organisational abilities so I foresee an interesting fight ahead as at the moment they will only prescribed them 2 at a time and as I’m allowed to take 2 a day that would mean having to go and get a repeat prescription every day during a cluster which is of course not only impractical but slightly insane!


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