19th April

I had to take the morning off as I had called the 3rd emergency Governing Body meeting of the year! This time I had to get the GB’s approval for the temporary expansion of the school. I’d been sent an e-mail during the Easter Holidays asking me to send a letter signed by myself on behalf of the GB and by the Head – note this arrived during a time when the school was closed.

There was also the small matter of which Head! After all the current Head will have left by the time the expansion goes through and of course the new Head isn’t here yet! Anyway I eventually managed to get every one together at the same time along with the representative from the council! He gave a presentation about the need and the scope of the expansion, the current Head had the plans and after an hour or so he left with the signed approval of the Governors.

I was given an additional 5 days holiday by my company this year and so far I have spent 3.5 of them at the school. I told them I’m running out of holidays and anyway can I have a bit of a rest now!!!


Lovely weather we’re having!

Up on Cripple Creek, she sends me
If I spring a leak, she mends me
I don’t have to speak, as she defends me
A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one

Levon Helm 1940 – 2012


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